Secure Lock Drip Edge


perimeter Edge Metal

The Secure Lock Drip Edge is the most applied edge metal in the industry to protect low slope roof applications. Our Drip Edge is tested to meet ANSI/SPRI ES-1 standards.


Product Data

Available Drip Edge Materials
Galvalume (22, 24 gauge)
Aluminum (.032, .040, .050, .063)
Copper (16 & 20 oz)
Stainless (24, 26 gauge)

Available Cleat Materials
* recommend cleat to be 1 gauge thicker than drip edge

Galvanized (16, 18, 20, 22, 24 gauge)
Mill Finish Aluminum (.040, .050, .063)
Stainless (24, 26 gauge)

Kynar 500 (35 year finish warranty)


Energy Star

All of our metal edge components are Energy Star certified and qualify for a federal tax credit. More Info ...


Our product can qualify for the following LEED Credits

  • SS Credit 7.2 Heat Island Effect: Roof
  • MR Credit 4.1 Recycled Content
  • MR Credit 5.1 Regional Materials

Please contact Metal Roofing Systems to find out if your project will qualify for these LEED credits.

ANSI/SPRI ES-1 Testing

Our goal is to provide tested products at a reasonable cost.  Other manufacturers place a huge premium on their products, often exceeding budgets and forcing value engineering.  Using our edge systems protects the building envelope without “breaking the bank”.   The result is a high quality product that matches performance with affordability. All of our edge systems are tested with our state of the art UL certified testing apparatus. 




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