Our History

Metal Roofing Systems, Inc. was founded in 2001 by Jerod Lutz, Brian Thompson, and Gavin Seale.  The three founding partners were high school classmates that came together with different experiences and skill sets that was vital to the success of the company.  In the beginning the focus was to offer quality products at competitive prices with exceptional customer support services that would exceed what other metal roofing manufacturers offered.  Although we have changed over the years, our commitment to customer support services remains the same.  The support services we provide to our customer has increased and is unparalleled in the industry today.  Today there are over 100 employees with manufacturing facilities located in North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia.  We originally started with three different panel profiles, today we offer twelve.  All our panel profiles are manufacture at our facilities with fixed machines in a controlled environment. For certain profiles we can manufacture in the field if necessary. We manufacture panels in all types of materials (Galvalume, Aluminum, Galvanized, Copper, Lead, and Stainless Steel) and thickness to meet the project requirements.  In 2010 the three founding owners partnered with Andy Helms to start the roofing supply company Mid-Atlantic Roofing Supply which sells all full range of roofing products, including roofing panels from Metal Roofing Systems.  Mid-Atlantic Roofing Supply now has seven locations across the Southeast offering the same exceptional customer services at Metal Roofing Systems.

in the Community

Community involvement has always been important to Metal Roofing Systems and it's sister companies.  Metal Roofing Systems supports local organizations, schools with fund raising efforts. Our annual charity golf tournament “Colestrong” which raises money to provide support to a selected Individual in the community fighting cancer is an event that is personal to our owners and employees. We provide great internship opportunities for local high school and community college students to learn our industry.



Metal Roofing Systems' ultimate purpose is to make a customer's project a success. It is our mission to be the critical success factor to a roofing project being installed "faster, better, smarter" by doing whatever it takes to provide products and support to our customers how they need them and when they need them. 

To accomplish this goal, we know that we must be 
Faster. Smarter. Better. Period. 

   Faster.       Quicker turnaround, Responsiveness 
   Smarter.    Expertise, Technical support, Engineering Custom Pieces, Adaptability
   Better.        Quality, Attitude, Accuracy, Guarantees, Support
   Period.       Above and Beyond, No Exceptions, As Promised, On-Time, As Expected


Metal Roofing Systems stands by its words and actions and shall operate with utmost respect to any individual or situation. We shall always perform with the best interests of all parties in mind. Doing what is right, honest, fair and appropriate is always the priority.

Quality service and products are reliant upon good relationships between coworkers, customers, vendors and throughout the community. Relationships need to be continuously established and nurtured with respect, loyalty and a focus on a win-win outcome.

At Metal Roofing Systems we believe that all individuals are valuable to ensure a strong team. It is also our belief that respect and professionalism, without exception, should be a part of all contact and communications with employees, customers, suppliers, competitors, peers and colleagues. We should always consider our actions in the face of others and strive to be exemplary. 

Working as a team requires a unified effort of all participants to be active and involved towards a common goal. By leveraging strengths, the team is able to work more effectively and efficiently, striving to make each other look good and perform to our greatest capability. Our goal is to be an extension and enhancement to our customers.

It is our belief that Metal Roofing Systems should be excellent in service, product, and attitude. We should continuously strive to provide beyond what is expected, paying attention to every detail to ensure higher performance levels and efficiency for our customers. Quality must never be sacrificed, but should be coveted and protected. 

Metal Roofing Systems is committed to providing great value to our customers through a conscious focus on using our talents, expertise and capability where it can best be maximized. We will continuously seek out ways to identify greater efficiencies and productivity in order to continually serve our customers better.

By being available, adaptable and accommodating, Metal Roofing Systems is able to develop solutions and respond to needs with agility, unique perspective, and a true focus on the customer. Metal Roofing Systems believes that our unique advantage lies in our ability to adapt and quickly respond to an ever-changing marketplace or customer circumstance.

Continuous Improvement
It is our belief that Metal Roofing Systems should constantly be seeking to advance our manufacturing capability, the skills and knowledge of our people, as well as our customers.

Because we work as a team, Metal Roofing Systems believes that we are accountable as a team. We feel taking responsibility and acting with quick response is essential throughout any project. Honesty, ethics and integrity are embedded in our work. Mediocrity and a lack of concern or accountability are unacceptable in any situation.

Metal Roofing Systems wants to be a leader in quality service by being responsive and respectful of timelines. We feel communication on an ongoing basis is necessary to a successful end result. Our goal is to be accessible to our customers and proactive to their needs. We hold the belief that there is never a problem without a solution.




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