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This quality product has been developed for use as a sealing tape for both metal ductwork and window construction. Q-205 is a compound derived from butyl and a proprietary co-polymer. It has extremely good adhesion during installation and will not harden during its lifespan.
  • A consistent hardness and force-to-compress across a broad range of application temperatures, limiting the number of gaskets you need to stock.
  • Good adhesion to a variety of surfaces for easy installation.
  • Supplied in high quality packaging for fast installation, easy storage and reduced waste.


Q-205 is used as a non-compression glazing for a variety of products including small to medium sized door lites and windows. It is also used as a compression gasket within ductwork. Q-205 has the widest range of application temperatures of any competitive material ensuring a positive seal and ease of application under extreme conditions. This product has also been submitted to an extremely broad range of chemicals, producing a library of chemical sensitivity and resistance data. Q-205 has good adhesion to PVC and wood, as well as Galvanized, Galvalume®, Aluminized, and Stainless Steel metals.

  Butyl Tape Test Data
Off White
Solids Content:
Specific Gravity:
1.60, .05
Shelf & Service Life:
20 years min.
0° F - 4.5 mm min
77° F - 9.5 to 12.0 mm
120° F - 14 mm max
Force to Compress:
As measured when 1 cu. in of 3/8" think material is compressed to 3/16" think material at 2"/min. 0° F - 105lbs.; 77° - 50lbs.; 120° F - 29lbs.
Plasticizer Migration:
No bleed/ contact stain only
ASTM D925-73 No beed/ contact stain only
Cold Temperature Flexibility:
ASTM C765-73, passes
Water Resistance:
ASTM D1056 Static-0%
Adhesion Tensile Strength:
ASTM C907, 30 psi min
Aging Characteristics:
ASTM D750-68 (Weather-o-meter, 1000hrs) - 10% reduction in most physicals
Heat Distortion:
ASTM D816-5 - 5% max
Peel Strength:
No pressure applied at 77° F - 90oz/min; 500g of pressure applied at 77° F - 120 oz/min
Service Temperature:
-65° F to 220° F


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