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   #900 Solar Sealant
Available in over 200 colors plus Custom Colors!


# 900 SOLAR SEAL, based on terpolymer elastomer technology, offers an alternative to silicone & urethane chemistry. Available in clear, white, black & over 200 standard colors.

Apply 3/8" deep, to a clean, dry frost free structurally sound surface that is free of any oils, soaps, or loose material that may inhibit bonding. Do not tool. #900 SOLAR SEAL is self tooling. Clean excess sealant with a solvent such as mineral spirits or by scraping. Open cell backer rod may be required for certain joints to prevent three point adhesion.


Kynar Coatings
Architectural Metals
Metal Buildings
Termination Bars
Precast Panels
Skylights and Sunrooms
EIFS Systems
PVC Trim Board
And many more

Joint Design

Maximum joint & sealant width is 3/4", Maximum sealant depth is 1/2", Minimum application depth is 3/8"
General Information

Shelf life is 1 year at a temperature of 75° F, Substrate Temperature ranges from 10/125° F, Service temperature ranges from -40/300° F. Expected life is 20 plus years when bead is installed as directed.

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